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About us

MY Experience Inc. is a 501c3  organization devoted to growing individuals, families, and communities through sharing experiences. MY Experience Inc. began in 2015 as a family event to connect immigrant parents to their American-born kids. Since then, MY Experience has grown into a platform where people can creatively share their experiences and be a solution source for commonly found issues. We believe that experience is the best teacher but it does not always have to be a personal experience. By creatively sharing our experiences, we can grow and learn from each other to make better experiences in the world around us. 


Our show’s formula is very simple, yet creative: a variety of speakers, interactive audience format, and finish with a talk-show-style discussion. With this platform, we are able to share experiences and showcase realistic solutions to the issues that people share in their own unique journeys.

our  mission:

Our mission is to produce engaging educational shows that not only entertain but also facilitate the acquisition of life skills and promote mutual understanding through shared experiences. We strive to provide our audience with valuable resources, business connections, and organizational support that enable them to implement the ideas and solutions presented in our shows effectively.


Our vision is to provide a platform for both entertainment and education, where our shows not only entertain but also foster a deeper understanding of various topics by sharing experiences. Additionally, we aim to connect our audience with valuable resources, businesses, and organizations that can help implement the ideas and solutions discussed in our shows.

Meet The Founder:
linda copy.png
Linda Ayoade


"Innovative, visionary, creative genius...”

These are just some of the words clients use to describe the talents of veteran graphic designer, brand strategist, and life coach, Linda Ayoade. Linda is a professional brand strategist with over 15 years of experience in the professional branding and marketing industry. As the owner and founder of LOI Graphics Inc., she has been privileged to work with many Fortune 500 brands and has personally helped businesses grow from start-ups into multimillion-dollar successes. Just to name a few, her clients include: HBO, McDonalds, Frito Lay, Yummy Extensions, and many more.


Linda’s passion is to help small businesses grow and help her clients’ see their vision(s) become reality. She believes in the importance of looking like where you’re going; and she guides her clients with effective and strategic plans to make that happen. In today’s competitive market, businesses, organizations, and individuals are fighting for attention to stand out and connect with their audience in a timeless way. “See your vision come to life” is more than just her company's slogan, it's the philosophy that drives everything she does.


 Linda is also the founder of The Posh Savant, The WOW Life & Business Conference, and MY Experience Show.

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