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About us

MY Experience Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit devoted to growing individuals, families, and communities by sharing experiences. MY Experience Inc. began in 2015 as a family event to connect immigrant parents to their American-born kids. Since then, MY Experience has grown into a platform where people can creatively share their experiences and be a solution source for commonly found issues.


We believe that experience is the best teacher but it does not always have to be a personal experience. By creatively sharing our experiences, we can grow and learn from each other to make better experiences in the world around us.


Our show’s formula is very simple, yet creative: have a speaker, get the audience involved, and finish with a talk-show-style discussion. With this platform, we are able to share experiences and showcase realistic solutions to the issues that come up.

our  mission:

To have entertaining life skill educational shows that build understanding while sharing experiences. To give our audience access to resources/businesses/organizations that further aid in implementing the ideas and solutions discussed in our shows.

Meet The Founder:

Linda Ayoade is a wife, poet, speaker, creative brand strategist and a creative director. She is approachable, funny, and honest; and it is these very qualities that has made her a well sought after speaker and mentor.


Linda is the founder of MYExperience Inc. and she believes passionately in the power of building a home from the foundation up. When we make better decisions, we better ourselves, which betters our families, betters our community and ultimately, betters the world around us.


Her goal is to inspire people to be the change they want to see.

Linda Ayoade
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